Passing through the walls of hearts

might be the most difficult task in this world. According to the animation Evangelion, the United Nations are now discussing the solution of this issue by transforming all the human beings into liquid, as known as Human Instrumentality Project (人類補完計画). We hope it would be never executed and want it can be stopped right now.

We may find an easier solution.

We believe that the true friendships are always hided behind the walls of hearts between people. And we believe these walls should be broken and everyone should enjoy their conversations even with the strangers they meet at the first time.


Conversation matters.

We want to create an enhanced and expanded experience for face-to-face conversation by developing a new wearable device. The user can start a conversation with anyone in spaces like libraries and trains, and show their thoughts and feelings without being obstructed by their shyness.


Introducing Digital Eye Bling

Digital Eye Bling is an add-on accessory that enables your eye glasses to show animated, customized characters and patterns. It allows users to edit their patterns on desktop/mobile terminals and displays them on an LED matrix using an Arduino Leonardo board. With the advanced technology of neurosciences, it can even show what you are thinking anytime in the future.


Digital Eye Bling is a new project created by Hui (Whiplus) Wang. It is based on its original prototype developed by Hui Wang, Simeng Li, David Kennan, and Jun Liu in a Hackathon in Shanghai. This page was powered by HTML5/CSS3, as well as HTML5 UP. Services like Skitch, Transmit, and Hawkhost are also used to create this site.